Modulo Capital is a Brazilian independent asset management company, focused on the management of active equity investment funds, aiming to achieve high risk-adjusted returns to long-term conservative professional investors looking for exposure to Brazilian equities, as a result of a disciplined value investment process carried out by motivated and aligned general partners.


    • We are long-term investors. We seek long-term returns through the acquisition of minority stakes on listed companies.
    • We choose our investments based on the difference between the current market price and our assessment of the company`s intrinsic value, supported by a detailed study of factors such as  the company financial performance, its competitive position, the industry economics, management quality, and so forth.
    •  We seek to minimize permanent capital loss, through the constant monitoring of our investments operational, financial, regulatory and governance risks. To further reduce risks, we occasionally purchase hedges for specific positions or for foreseeable macro risks.  
    • We are not market timers and do not seek funds from short-term speculators. Our partners are (and will always be) relevant co-investors in the fund.