Founding Partner and Co-Portfolio Manager. Before founding Modulo Capital, Mr. Wajnberg was a partner of Gávea Investimentos, being in charge of equity investments. Previously, he had worked in Banco CR2 and Banco BBM. Ricardo  is member of the Board of Directors at Santos Brasil Participações and Grupo CBO.  Ricardo has an engineering degree from PUC-RJ and a master’s degree in economics from IBMEC-RJ.


Partner and Co-Portfolio Manager. Before joining Módulo Capital, Mr. Martins was one of the founding partners of Edge Investmentos, being the portfolio manager of Edge Value FIA (now Módulo Institucional FIA). Previously, he had worked as a buyside analyst at Jardim Botânico Partners and Orbe Investimentos. Alexandre has an engineering degree from PUC-RJ and specialized in business in Harvard Business School


Partner and co-responsible for the Commercial Area. Prior to joining Modulo Capital, he was a founding partner of Edge Investimentos, co-responsible for portfolio management and the Commercial Area. He holds a degree in Business Administration from IBMEC-RJ, with a postgraduate degree in Finance and Portfolio Management (UC Berkeley). Previously, he worked for seven years in M&A at Broadspan Capital and Fleming Graphus Bank.


Prior to joining Módulo Capital, Mr. Cherman was the head FX trader at banco BI&P (2011-2013). Mr. Cherman was a founding partner at Gestora BRL Capital in 2010, responsible for currency and rates trading. Previously Mr. Cherman was an FX trader at Black River Asset Management (2007 ) which later merged with Fidúcia Asset Management. From 2003 to 2007 was a team member  responsible for managing the fundos multimercados at Santander Asset Management. Mr. Cherman started his career as an intern at Banco BBM in 2000. Mr. Cherman holds a degree in Engineering from PUC-RJ and a Masters in Economics from  FGV-SP.


Partner, in charge of Investor Relations for individuals. Before joining Módulo Capital, Mr. Alves was head of investor relations for Edge Investimentos. He has more than 15 years of work experience in Brazilian capital markets, having worked for Therca Corretora de Valoress. He holds a business management degree from Universidade Mackenzie, having specialized in Finance and Portfolio Management in UC Berkeley.


Partner and Equity Research Analyst. Before joining Módulo Capital , he was an analyst at Edge Investimentos (2016-2017) and partner of Bozano Investimentos (2013-2016). He has more than 9 years of experience in Equity Research. He holds a degree in Economics from USP, a post-graduate degree in Corporate Law from FGV-RJ and a Master’s Degree in Economics and Finance from EESP-FGV. 


Partner. Prior to joining Módulo Capital on April 2015, Mr. Balbino worked for Ágora Corretora from 2014 to 2015 in the Equity Trading Desk. Previously, he had worked at ​​XP Investimentos (2013) and  BB DTVM. Guilherme graduated in Production Engineering at Estácio de Sá and has a postgraduate degree in Finance from COPPEAD Institute.


Partner and Investor Relations Manager. Prior to joining Módulo Capital, he worked at Opus Gestão de Recursos as the TMT and Education Research Analyst (2012-2015). Previously, he acted in the Change the Bank area at Banco BTG Pactual (2015). Also, he was part of Investor Relations team at Velt Parners (2016). He holds a Bachelors Degree in Production Engineering from Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro.


Partner and Risk and Compliance Officer. Before joining Módulo Capital, he was a partner at Edge Investimentos, in charge of Risk Management and Compliance (2013-2017). Previously, he had worked in Banco Alfa de Investimentos (2008-2013). He holds a business management degree from IES-SC, having specialized in Finance in FGV.


Partner and Equity Research Analyst. Before joining Módulo Capital, he was equity analyst at Edge Investimentos since 2017. Previously, he had worked at Platinum Investimentos (2015-2017). BSc in Economics at Ibmec and extension course at Columbia Business School.


Partner ans Equity Analyst. Joined in 2015. BSc in Economics and Business Management at Ibmec-RJ.

* Members of the Executive Committee